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Primary School Shows at a glance

Here is a quick look at all the shows the Nutrition Magician has to offer.

Every performance is linked directly to the school curriculum.




Smart Choices are Healthy Choices

Years 3 - 6


Students learn that they have the power to make the choices that effect their lives. Making informed, health conscious decisions will help you to become the best you can be. We look at how advertising can be misleading and give the students the tools needed to make good food choices.  We discuss the healthy food plate, the five food groups, nutrients and how our bodies use them. 

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The Superkids Show

Years K - 2

Teaching children how to become a healthy, happy SuperKid  

Discussing Everyday and Sometimes foods, being active and drinking water.

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Mind Your Manners, Know your feelings

Years K - 3


Lets learn how to be Manners Magicians!

Sharing is Caring, The magical power of "Please" & "Thank you"

We also discuss feelings, empathy and resilience.

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The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Show

Years K - 3


Magic Craig's brand new show all about sustainability!

Lets help save the world and learn about the 3 Magic letters -   R
​ Reduce our waste 

 Reuse instead of throwing away

 Recycle things so they can be used again.

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