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A captivating and magical performance promoting the important message of:

Healthy food choices

Drinking water

Being active

In this special performance every child learns that they have

the power to take control and become a healthy, happy person.

Empowering them with the knowledge to become a "SuperKid".

The Healthy Eating Plate is introduced in a magical way and we discuss Everyday, and Sometimes foods. 

We look at the most magical drink in the world - WATER and why our body needs it.

Finally, we find out that being active is super important in being a Superkid!

Audience participation, unbelievable magic and comedy makes this show a favourite with teachers, parents and children everywhere!

Includes Teachers Notes and Class Activities.

         Duration:                 60 minutes

         Suitability:               K - 2

         Cost(inc GST):         $440.00

Please note these prices are for Sydney and Metro areas.

"Your Show was  easily one  of the best children's performances I have seen. ( I have over 16 years experience in  early childhood education)

I will be referring you to everyone I know.  You are just Brilliant"!

- L. McKay.


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