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The Scrub A-Dub-Dub Show

The Scrub A-Dub-Dub Show is a special magical performance designed for Preschool - Year 2 children. A fun and magical experience discussing the importance of personal hygiene, especially in the current climate we find ourselves.

The topic is presented in Magic Craig's usual comedic fashion, in a way that kids find easy to understand.  During the performance they learn how to stay healthy and keep their friends and family healthy, by preventing the spread of the germs. We cover the following points:

1. Germs and viruses can make us sick  How do they do this? 

(we mention coronavirus) 

2. Washing our hands with soap and warm water.

3. Sneezing/coughing into a tissue or into your elbow

4. Not putting your fingers in your mouth, nose and eyes.

Appropriate ages 2 - 7

Comedy, Magic, Educational, EYLF appropriate

Running time approx.39 mins - FREE FOR LIMITED TIME

The Scrub A-Dub-Dub show

The Scrub A-Dub-Dub show

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Eat the Rainbow Magic Show

eat the rainbow3d.png

The Eat The Rainbow Magic Show teaches children the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.

Using the Rainbow as the perfect analogy we learn to "Eat from red to green and everything in between"

Magic Craig and his special friends learn about Everyday and Sometime food's and why water is such a magical drink.  We cover the following points:

1. Everyday and Sometime foods.

2. We need to eat a varierty of healthy foods to get the nutrients our body needs.

3. Why is water a magical drink?

4. Soft drinks/fizzy drinks are bad for our health.

Appropriate ages 2 - 7

Comedy, Magic, Educational, EYLF appropriate

Running time approx.41 mins - Cost $24.99

To access "Eat The Rainbow" click the Buy A$24.99 upon the video player below. You will then be taken to

the secure payment screen where payment options are provided.

You will need to create an account with an email and password (It only takes 20 seconds)

You will then have access to watch the performance as many times as you like - forever!

IMPORTANT : Please make a note of your login details - you need these to watch the video. 

- This is a one-off payment.  No recurrent subscription fee or charges apply.

- Credit card payments only acceptable in Australia & New Zealand at this time.

Eat The Rainbow

Eat The Rainbow

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